A special Riesling, made in the heart of the Middle Moselle by two friends from two different worlds.

"Oh Kabinett!"

Oh Kabinett is part of the future of wine.

The movement towards low-intervention agriculture and a growing demand for organic products is the starting point of Oh Kabinett. We believe that great winemaking starts in the vineyard. There we introduce positive flora and manage the vineyard by hand so that we can completely remove glyphosphate, pesticides and herbicides from our land. Organic in philosophy, but not certified.

Friendship and shared passions.

When Lenz Jakoby (weingut-jakoby.de) and Philippe Grandbois (grandboisweine.com) met at the end of 2017, they quickly realised that they share a passion for natural wine, organic farming and honest winemaking. Philippe is an "old" sommelier and new farmer and Lenz, a multi-generational winemaker. Both live in the small village of Maring-Noviand, in the middle of the Middle Moselle in Germany.

Oh Kabinett?

What started as a cellar discussion about the balance between the well-known acidity and sweetness of Mosel Riesling developed into a statement. "What should we get out of the cellar next?"... "Kabinett?....Oh Kabinett". We now offer a "dry" and a "semi-dry" version of the wines. Both are proudly non-certified but organically grown.

Natural wine?

Handmade, spontaneous fermentation, no use of enzymes or excessive sulphur. We let the early harvested quality wine rest on its lees and ferment slowly in a cool cellar. The wine needs at least 8 months to a year to ferment and rest on its fine lees before being bottled.

Great people. Amazing views. Delicious wine.

Terroir is about more than soil and weather.

The Moselle region is one of the most important wine regions in the world. With an enormous history. It is known for producing the best Riesling, the "queen of white wines", in all its variations. Our village of Maring-Noviand is a village of 1600 inhabitants at the heart of this history in the municipality of Bernkastel-Kues. It is characterised by the beauty of its landscape and the conspicuous cultivation of vines in all directions.

The Mosel Riesling Kabinett is produced from grapes grown on the Maring-Noviander "Honigberg" and the iconic "Sonnenuhr" sites. A large amphitheatre surrounding a traditional sundial on the old Mosel path, south-south-west exposure, a typical slope of 25-50 degrees for perfect sun and wind exposure.


Our "terroir" is not just about the land and the view. The beauty of this place also lies in the souls of its inhabitants - with more than a dozen winemakers all working towards a common goal: to create lasting memories for locals and visitors alike. (maring-noviand.de)

The Moselle has a visible history that stretches from ancient Devonian to modern times. An endless series of historic villages and monuments surround this picturesque wine region. Every hill is marked by vineyards and breathtaking views.


The Moselle Valley is a region in north-eastern France, south-western Germany and eastern Luxembourg, centred on the Moselle river valley. The Moselle flows through these three countries and along the borders, draining into a fourth country, Belgium.

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